No Puppies This Spring

I went to the vet with Mila for her ultrasound, and sadly I wasn't surprised. No babies. This was my first attempt at doing A.I. alone and I'm gonna go with I need let the vet do my A.I.'s in the future, until I feel more comfortable doing it. Maybe she will be kind enough to show me the proper technique. Mila was so distressed the first time it was done, I'm pretty sure it freaked me out and I didn't go as far as needed because I was nervous to upset her. I see why you don't operate on loved ones. It's a lot easier to do what you need to do if it's not your loved one. I was disappointed, not surprised. I was disappointed in myself. I knew I was overthinking and worrying to much. I'll try again in July or August. I'll have the vet do it for me, and they are very friendly so I'm sure they'll be happy to help me. I'm a see one do one kind of learner. All of this is a learning experience for me, and I'm enjoying all of it so far. It would be easy for me to be mad at myself, but I'd rather take this time to get caught up on things that need to be done. Without any pups this spring I will be able to get everything done that needs it and I'll be more than prepared for her next heat. I also kept one of her puppies from her first litter and this will give us a chance to be spend more time together and allow her to be more successful at her training. Everything I do is to better the breed and myself, so even times that don't go according to plan, if used wisely, are usually a blessing in disguise. This will also give me time to figure out how to add context and photos to my web page. I plan on adding training pages and whatever I can think of that might be helpful to both fellow breeders and owners.

Always Remember the best things in life are furry.