About Us

About Us

Let me share a little information about who I am, and why I became a breeder of the little clown like dogs, they call French Bulldogs.

My name is Heather, I have been married to a wonderful man since 1994. We’ve raised 4 beautiful daughters and are almost empty nesters. We live in Southern Maine. I had a childcare business for 18 years and when my children got bigger, I retired from doing that to move on to my next passion, animals.

I started to volunteer at my local shelter. I would foster pregnant stray dogs, help them during delivery if needed and care for all the babies until I found suitable homes for all the babies and mom. I’ve taken many dog training courses, and I was a certified animal groomer when I was younger. I became employed by the shelter, and then covid hit.

I needed to do something that would keep me doing what I loved and surrounded by little fur babies. So, I took this time to get better informed on French Bulldogs. My husband, daughter, and I drove to PA to pick up our first Frenchie, Princess Mila. I couldn’t be more in love.

I had always planned on breeding at some point. I had Great Danes for a while and was planning on breeding, but the timing wasn’t right. My husband grew up around and showed collies. His mother was a breeder and was also involved with showing her beautiful collies. She had the only champion collie in all of Maine, at that time. Dogs have always been a big part of both our lives.

I have had several different breeds of dogs, but the French Bulldog is such an amazing little breed. Fun, Friendly and full of life. The little clowns that make you smile just by looking at them. This is my forever breed.
My goal is to improve this breed as much as I can. Hard to improve on perfection, ha-ha. I do not breed for color. I breed for health, temperament, and superior quality. I prefer a fuller face opposed to the smooshed in face. They already have bronchial issues, and I personally don’t think that needs to be intensified because some people like the look. I want nothing more than to send wonderful, happy, healthy puppies to their new furever home.

I am a small family breeder. As of right now I focus on one litter a year. Maybe in a few years I’ll do two a year. I take everything I do very seriously, and it’s important to me to be one of the best, in what I do, whatever that might be. My Dams are family. I do not sell them after they are done breeding.