Getting Ready for New Babies, the cost of breeding Frenchies

We are hoping that Mila is going to have another litter this Spring. It seems like yesterday she had her first litter of 6 beautiful pups. I still feel like there is so much more to learn about everything. I had the vet do the first AI, I spilled the second all over the couch, that was horrifying. It was the weekend so I had to wait for the stud sample to arrive through mail. Tuesday I did the AI with the help of my husband, that went well. Her third and final one wasn't great but was completed. Now we wait a bit for the ultrasound. This was my first attempt at AI. If she is indeed pregnant, I will be happily surprised. I will continue to learn the best method to AI. I can't say I'll do it again myself until I feel completely comfortable doing so, but I'll get there. I am constantly reading everything I can about everything to do with Breeding. I'll never understand anyone that just jumps into this world without putting forth the effort to learn how to do it spectacularly. The stress is real. Making sure mom is healthy and she is getting all the nutrients she needs for herself and the pups. Worrying about the babies, all the time. I'm not usually a worry wort, but it is very important to me to do the very best I can to ensure all are healthy and thriving. I only want the best for the families that choose me as the breeder for their fur babies. I want to send well adjusted, loving, smart, healthy pups into the world. I see many poorly bred and many quality bred pups. I do love looking at other quality pups, dams, and studs. I have learned very much from some other quality breeders and am very grateful for their direction. I did child care for 20 plus years and I remember when I was starting out, many of the people in the child care field were not very helpful. Honestly, I could never understand that mentality. I realize, it's potential competition, but if you are any good, you have nothing to worry about. I guess that's why I try to be as helpful as I can to anyone that needs it. I don't worry about competition. We all do things a little differently, and what works for some might not work for others.

When it comes to breeding, there are so many things to consider and the expense is a big factor. With Frenchies we know that many/most cannot breed without help. They usually need artificial insemination, we also know they can't deliver on their own. Just those 2 things alone will cost in the several of thousands. I realize people think breeding Frenchies is a cash cow, and perhaps it is, but not for me. I make a little after all is said and done. I'm not doing it to make a fortune. I'm doing it for a couple reasons. I adore this breed and I want to help it become a healthier option for families. My goal is to breed a bit of a longer nose. Not as long as a Boston Terrier but not squished in to the point where the poor pup needs surgery to open the nares. I seek out healthy studs with a fuller face, like my Mila has, her nares aren't anything great but because she has a bit of a fuller face she has zero problems breathing. I had to retire my child care business due to health issues. Once I got healthy again, this made the most sense for me. Animals and children are my calling. Many breeders have several litters at a time and, when the damn is retired from pregnancy, they sell her. I do not do this. I understand to some, they are a business. To me they are my family, because of this, I will never have several litters at a time. Yes it's a business, but it's just a small family one that I take very much pride in. I might get into shows and/or competitions down the road for fun, in between litters.

Other expenses: vet appointments, supplements, a whelping box, heater, scale, camera, food, immunizations, worming, micro chips, toys, bones. All these expenses occur with each pregnancy minus the box, heater, scale and camera. I might be missing a few things but you get the idea.

Now the time commitment is also a big one. After you bring the babies and mom home, the fun begins. I slept on the couch for almost 3 weeks. The paper work you need to make sure gets completed properly for AKC. The contract and additional information for the families to help them be successful with their new fur baby. You should make yourself available to any of your families with any questions or concerns they may have. If thing's don't work out for whatever reason be prepared to take the puppy back. If I didn't have experience grooming and training dogs and helping foster dog's whelp their pups. I'm not sure I would have been ready to do this. I have years and years of experience with many kinds of animals. I can't imagine just jumping into the breeding pool without any knowledge of what I was doing, because It's easy money. It definitely is not easy. As much as I do know I'm still learning new things, constantly. The laundry and cleaning are constant. You must be a very patient, loving person, that enjoys learning new things. Trust me when I say there are easier ways to make money. I am learning how to do this web page. I started a tiktok, Instagram and facebook page. This is only a glimpse into breeding quality French Bulldogs. If I can help or you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I'll do what I can to help or at least send you in a direction that will be able too.