Mila's Litter

12 September 2022

This was Mila’s first litter, and she was a terrific mother. She just turned 2 in June. She is so sweet and cannot get enough of people.

She had 6 beautiful pups. 1 boy and 5 girls, a variety of beautiful colors.

They were born the 12th of September and will be ready November 21. Right before Thanksgiving.

I keep the pups for 10 weeks. Those extra 2 weeks are so much better for their overall development. It makes for a happier, better adjusted pup when you get them home, and we all want that.

The Sire is a very handsome young dog named Thor. He is a beautiful fawn, and has a terrific personality. They made some beautiful puppies together.

All her pups found wonderful homes. We are hoping to have more beautiful babies this spring.

Mila's Litter

Francia Bulldorado Hutch

Blue Merle

Boss Bull Canario B-Tara


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